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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We’ve never done anything like this before, but we’ve also never had this many new releases coming in at once before (not to mention the ones that just came in). In an effort to clear space in a serious way, and also do something cool that will hopefully encourage people to check out some of our releases they may have missed, we are having a spring cleaning sale.

I am always skeptical of this kind of thing. Usually it is an excuse for labels to clear out their unsellable crap. That is not what we are doing here (although lets be honest, it would be nice to at least get rid of a little bit of our unsellable crap in the process).

For $14, $15, or $20 dollars PPD respectively, we will send you 3 RANDOM CDs, 7”s, or LPs. Nothing in stock will be held back, nothing will be a promo copy, and since we are clearing out a closet, people will most likely even end up with out of print items.

Sound good? I hope so because we need to make space.

These deals are for US AND CANADA ONLY (shipping alone would double the price of these deals)

These will run till May 1st or while supplies last.