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Monday, December 10, 2012

Stormshadow - Set On Destroy

Stormshadow were one of the most important bands to me growing up.  They were short lived but in many ways defined everything I like about the New Brunswick music scene.  They were original, they were emotional, they were political, they were tight musicians, and had cool art and style.  Before they broke up they put out one of the best records I had ever heard and only made a few CD-rs to sell at their last show.  I never really stopped listening to it since then.  I went to college in Boston and no one had even heard of the band, or most of the other local bands from the New Brunswick punk scene, since most had never toured or had albums with real distribution.  This was one of the main reasons I wanted to start a label to put out New Brunswick bands and get them heard and distributed.  From day one with the label, even when it wasn't really a serious label, the plan was to be able to do a quality pressing of the Stormshadow record, and 10 years later, we finally are able to do that.

We'll be releasing Set On Destroy on vinyl Feb. 9th when they reunite for our label showcase.  

 Listen to the opening track, "Switched On" below: