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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nuclear Santa Claust - Order Of The New Age LP

Nuclear Santa Claust's 2013 LP for Don Giovanni is inspired by classic punk and garage sounds, twisted into 12 paranoid hook-heavy fast-burners, full of distant, dissonant echo-heavy dual vox, driving double-time drums, and complex lead guitars. Following a self-titled 7-inch, Order Of the New Age is the debut full-length by these three Cleveland transplants now in Brooklyn. Essential listening for fans of the Ramones and the Spits. No song breaks the three minute mark, working within the framework of classic punk to riff on systematic destruction and paranoia in the new age. "Radiation Fall Out" is all noisy layered guitars and melodic riffs. "Numbers Stations" breaks off into a patch of psyched-out guitar feedback space sounds. "Government Issued Acid Trip" and "Summer Vacation" play out fast, full of sharp leads and punchy energy, offering social commentary through the lens of skepticism about the world at large. These are punk songs for the end of the world.

Listen to "Since I Woke Up (Berlin Wall)":