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Friday, January 24, 2014

Screaming Females - Baby Teeth color vinyl and shirts

We're excited to announce that we will be making copies of Screaming Females debut album Baby Teeth on colored vinyl for the first time as well as making some shirts with it's iconic artwork.

While we haven't really done too much limited colored vinyl, a lot of people have been asking for it and we also had a lot of covers that were going to be discarded if not used.  So after discussing it with our label's fans we figured we would give it a shot.  Over the next few months we are going to be doing colored vinyl for all of the Screaming Females records and some of our other releases which people have been asking for us to do colored vinyl for.  Well see how it goes.  If it seems to make people happy well probably keep doing it, if it doesn't well probably never do it again.

We will also be doing shirts for each of the Screaming Females albums to coincide with these pressings. In an effort not to have too many shirts lying around (since they have a lot of albums) we are going to take pre-orders for the shirts and probably not print too many more past the amount we get orders for.  At the request of the band the shirts will be printed on American Apparel t-shirts.

Click here to pre-order Baby Teeth on colored vinyl

Click here to pre-order the Baby Teeth t-shirt in either black or white.