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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Screaming Females - Live at the Hideout album

The short story: Screaming Females are finally recording a live album, and they're recording it with Steve Albini at the end of the month.  The album will be released April 8th.

The longer story: The first time I saw Screaming Females live it was clear they were going to be one of the best live bands I was ever going to see.  Okay, thats not entirely true, the first couple times I saw Screaming Females I couldn't wait for them to stop playing so I could watch The Ergs!  But from the first time I really payed attention to the Screaming get the idea.

Anyway, at a certain point it became really clear to me that like many of my other favorite bands, Screaming Females live shows and Screaming Females albums were wholly different experiences (and sometimes even holy experiences), but most of those other bands had done some kind of definitive live documentation or at least had some kind of definitive bootleg.  The first time I proposed the idea of the live album to them they thought it was ridiculous.  The second time, they told me to shut up about it already.  At some point I finally convinced them to do it, or maybe just guilted them into it, I don't know you'll have to ask them.

Once we decided to do the record we spent a lot of time talking about live albums we loved and hated and how we wanted to make sure this album would be made with care, recorded well, and would come out as a stand-alone work representative of the live show, rather than some kind of companion piece, promotional piece, or contractual obligation throwaway piece.

We were originally supposed to record the record at Maxwells and had two dates scheduled there with Steve Albini coming down from Chicago to engineer it but then Marissa got sick and everything had to be postponed, during which time Maxwells unfortunately closed its doors.  Not to be discouraged, and still wanting to work with Steve the band decided to do it in Chicago at The Hideout.

So there you have it.  If you read this far, I don't know why.  The album is being recorded in about two weeks and tickets are still available.  And don't worry, they won't be playing the same set each night if you're thinking of coming to both.

Screaming Females - Live At The Hideout will be out April 8th on Don Giovanni Records