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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Fuckin' A man...we literally couldn't believe it when Peter Stampfel asked us to work with him on his newest project since he has been a musical hero of ours for a very long time due to his work in the Holy Modal Rounders, The Fugs, and various solo and collaborative records including one of Joe's favorite albums of last year.  

This new group he has assembled, Peter Stampfel and The Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Banjo Squadron may be his coolest yet.  I'll let Peter tell you a little about the project in his own words:
It occurred to me a little while ago that Tuli Kupferberg’s CIA Man (which I had contributed a few verses to) could be updated to address a more contemporary menace as NSA Man. No new verses were forthcoming, so I fell back to my recent default setting, and crowdsourced my Facebook wall. Dozens of “friends” were on the case instantly. I cherrypicked and tweaked, tried singing it, and shortened it. Brevity enhances polemics. I will credit the 10 or 12 co-creators who helped me bumrush the subject of this song. Thank you all. I couldn’t have done it without you.
Basically, Stampfel at 75 has managed to bring us one of the punkest records we've ever had a chance to release.  A full album is coming later this year from the group, but we had to get NSA Man out as soon as possible due to its relevance.  Faye Orlove did the incredible artwork you see above.

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