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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peter Stampfel and The B&LMBS - Better Than Expected!

Peter Stampfel has been pushing the boundary of American music longer than you've been

alive--maybe longer than your parents have been alive. Starting in the early '60s as one half 

of the psychedelic folk duo The Holy Modal Rounders, Peter has continued to write, record, 

and perform constantly. Though maybe best known for his work with the Rounders and NYC's 

protopunk group The Fugs, his various solo records, collaborative records with Jeffrey Lewis, and 

appearances on Michael Hurley, Yo La Tengo, and They Might Be Giants albums have left an 

everlasting mark on americana, folk, psych, and rock and roll. 

On Better Than Expected, Stampfel further pushes the boundary asking the question “How 

many banjos can play simultaneously without turning into musical slop?” And answering it with 

a psychedelic sixteen track album that is as beautiful as it is strange. The record also features 

an updated version of The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ as ‘NSA Man.’ Simply put, at 75 years old, Peter has 

managed to bring us one of the punkest most genuinely non-commercial records we've ever had 

the chance to release. Fuckin' A man.

Better Than Expected is out April 22 on Don Giovanni Records