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Friday, March 28, 2014

Crow Bait - Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate CD/LP out May 20th!

We're really excited to announce that we will be helping Crow Bait with their debut album, Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate. The record will be out May 20th and is up for pre-order now! There are also 200 copies on clear vinyl for early pre-orders. 
Crow Bait is a New York area band that you have seen play in other bands. Vets of the Long Island DIY scene, Chris (Sister Kisser, American Hellfire Club), Mike (Iron Chic, Jonesin', Wax Phantom), and Sal (Sister Kisser, Halfway to Hell Club) formed Crow Bait in 2011 with the intention of making music a little different from their past bands, while trying to create something that harkened back to the music they grew up on. After a few 7” releases, countless shows around Long Island and New York, and two trips out to California, Crow Bait set forth on recording their debut full-length. Taking time in the studio to experiment with sounds and vocal melodies, Crow Bait aimed to create a set of songs that was both nuanced and organic. The result is Sliding Through The Halls of Fate, a record that varies from moment to moment, churning up all of their sounds and influences into a cohesive statement.
Listen to the song 83 from the record here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Priests - Right Wing (from Bodies and Control and Money and Power)

Finally we can share with you a track from the new Priests record, Bodies and Control and Money and Power. The record is out June 3rd and will be available for pre-order soon so keep checking back. In the meantime, listen to Right Wing above.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brick Mower - Teenage Graceland out now!

Brick Mower's new album, Teenage Graceland is out today! Listen to a song here! And order it here!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Priests - Bodies and Control and Money and Power out 6/3

We're really excited to announce that Priests new record, Bodies and Control and Money and Power comes out June 3rd.
Priests are the sort of band that is unafraid to look you right in the eye and beg answers to big questions. In early 2012, Priests began playing frantic post-punk, full of tempered tension and thoughtful rage and relentless energy that would come from living in the microcosm of institutional oppression that is DC. Their music conveys a sense of unmatched urgency in their smart, politically charged, noisy songs. 
You'd think it would be hard to capture Priests' intensity on a slab of vinyl, but all the dark, aggressive sounds and kinetic energy their known for live come across on Bodies and Control and Money and Power. From the paranoid truths of "And Breeding" to the ripping "Modern Love No Weapon" to the creepy goth feel of "Doctor," it's Priests at their best. Essential. Recorded at Inner Ear Studio with Hugh McElroy and Kevin Erickson, and by Kyle ‘Slick’ Johnson at Fancy Time Studio.
Bodies and Control and Money and Power is out June 3rd, 2014.  Pre-orders will start soon.


1. Design Within Reach
2. Doctor
3. New
4. Powertrip
5. Modern Love / No Weapon
6. Right Wing
7. And Breeding

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peter Stampfel and The B&LMBS - Better Than Expected!

Peter Stampfel has been pushing the boundary of American music longer than you've been

alive--maybe longer than your parents have been alive. Starting in the early '60s as one half 

of the psychedelic folk duo The Holy Modal Rounders, Peter has continued to write, record, 

and perform constantly. Though maybe best known for his work with the Rounders and NYC's 

protopunk group The Fugs, his various solo records, collaborative records with Jeffrey Lewis, and 

appearances on Michael Hurley, Yo La Tengo, and They Might Be Giants albums have left an 

everlasting mark on americana, folk, psych, and rock and roll. 

On Better Than Expected, Stampfel further pushes the boundary asking the question “How 

many banjos can play simultaneously without turning into musical slop?” And answering it with 

a psychedelic sixteen track album that is as beautiful as it is strange. The record also features 

an updated version of The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ as ‘NSA Man.’ Simply put, at 75 years old, Peter has 

managed to bring us one of the punkest most genuinely non-commercial records we've ever had 

the chance to release. Fuckin' A man.

Better Than Expected is out April 22 on Don Giovanni Records

Monday, March 3, 2014

Chris Gethard album release show

(Poster by Perry Shall)

We're putting together an incredible night of music and comedy to celebrate the release of Chris Gethard's debut album, My Comedy Album! More info on who will be playing and appearing as the event gets closer, but you will not want to miss this.  Tickets go on sale friday.